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Our Monthly Events Calendar

2nd Sun - 6:30pm
Come join us for
dinner at this open event. Old friends chat and catch up on latest news as well as getting acquainted with newcomers to our group. Our munches are held at:

Cafe Baci 

4001 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34231
Phone: (941) 921-4848
Munch Details
Dress code: moderate / vanilla  
Activity: dinner, just friends & chat
Orientation: adult
RSVP: Required - We need to know how many we are expecting for proper seating. 
Please ask hostess for the "Sarasota Group"

Munch FAQ's:

  • Our munch is a traditional sit-down feast at long tables. Food, drinks and great company are abundant.

  • The Sarasota Society Munch will allow you to relax in a very friendly environment and meet people in the lifestyle.

  • The purpose of our munch is to socialize in a comfortable non-fetish public setting.

  • There are no dues or fees to join us. Only the cost of your dinner.

  • Our munch averages around 25 to 30 people. 

  • Reservations for the munch are necessary.

  • All levels of experience and lifestyles are welcome.

  • Once you have experienced our munch, we hope to be your new friends in Sarasota.

  • Our munch is educational, it will allow you to exchange news, views and ideas.

  • You and your lifestyle friends are welcome at the Sarasota Society Munch.

  • Our munches taste good and are held at finer restaurants because we love good food as well as good company.

  • Our munch is good for your soul, we hope to see you there!

3rd Saturday - 9pm
Dungeon Party

This is a semi formal event, in a relaxed atmosphere and a low protocol

Please dress accordingly. Women may wear corsets, fetish, latex, lingerie, sexy dresses or nothing at all! For the men: Leather or latex is a plus, but jeans are ok. No admittance to anyone wearing cutoffs, flipflops or anything that looks like beachwear!!

Any lifestyle, fetish attire is acceptable. If you are unsure about what to wear, please drop us a line and ask us if it's ok.

If you wish to attend you must
sarasotasociety@yahoo.com in order to receive directions and be placed on the party list.  Reservations will be on a first come, first served basis.  Directions to the party location will be sent when your reservation is confirmed.  This will protect everyone's privacy and keep the location private as well.

Attention webmasters, munch and event organizers. To have your website listed here, please email our Sir Rigger at SarasotaSociety@Yahoo.com.

"The society that plays together stays together."

Event Coordinator: events
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