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The Sarasota Society is a philanthropic BDSM society and this site, the newsletter and all services are free to those who seek them. 

The Sarasota Society is a BDSM lifestyle group that has been around for many years. The Sarasota Society is a non-profit, non-chartered BDSM society that has no membership dues. We are just a friendly bunch that loves the BDSM lifestyle and we invite you to join us at our next event, see calendar for our schedule and event descriptions.  

Newcomer's will enjoy our "munch", which is really a dinner feast in the nice relaxed atmosphere of a private dinning room at a fine restaurant. This casual event has only one formality in which we take a just a second to introduce ourselves to each other. It's a great for you to meet us. 

Whether you are new to the area or new to the lifestyle you may want to announce your arrival with a posting on our upcoming forum page (currently being rebuilt). 

Members of our newsletter enjoy invitations to our dungeon party. We have great equipment and a nice casual atmosphere. Come and socialize in the lounge area or join in the play at this fantastic party. 

About This Web Site
The purpose of this site is to offer people with an interest in BDSM free access to join our newsletter, view the calendar of events and post on the upcoming forum (currently being rebuilt).  We also provide BDSM lifestyle resource information on everything from book reviews to contact and scheduling information for other Florida alternative and BDSM lifestyle societies and clubs. View the menu descriptions for page content details. 

The Sarasota Society is not in the business of buying, selling or endorsing merchandise. This information is provided on this site is as a news service only and we are not liable for actions taken as a result of this information.

"The society that plays together stays together."

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